Eesa Zahed

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Full-stack Developer

Hello, my name is Eesa Zahed, and I do full-stack web development as a hobby. I started coding in 2015, using Scratch to learn basic concepts. I started to learn web development in 2018.

Tech stack:

Back-end: Javascript, Typescript, Python

Front-end: HTML, CSS, Sass, EJS, Jinja

Framworks: Node, Express, React, Next.js, Flask

Databases: SQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Firebase

Libraries: TailwindCSS, PicoCSS, Bootstrap, jQuery

Platforms: Git, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, MacOS Terminal


  • Github (for most of my projects)
  • Replit (for most of my python programs)

Here are the certifications I've accoladed in the past:

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